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2020 Has Been A Tough Year

We Need To Make The Most Of It

Bushfires. COVID-19. Economic Meltdown. Job Losses.

This year has been tough.

Yet, in the middle of it, God is still good.

Seven years ago, things looked great in my life, and then trouble hit.

I was pastoring a church that had grown by 30% in just 12 months. People were coming to faith, the church was buzzing, and life appeared great - at least from the outside.

And then I lost it all.

My wife and I separated, I resigned my ministry, I had to live with friends, I had no job, and seemingly no future.

During that time, one of my mentors, Sam Hancock, and I caught to talk about what was going on.

Sam said to me: "Chris, you know there is something beautiful in what you are going through."

I was angry and hurt by what he said, but Sam went on and said "Chris, God is giving you a new opportunity. A fresh start. You can choose now the direction of your life. You can choose how you want to be with your wife. You can choose whether or not you do ministry. You can choose what work you do. In the middle of your difficulty, God is giving you a new opportunity. What you do with it is up to you."

He was right, and seven years later, I want to give you the same gift that he gave me.


A pathway.

And an opportunity to make a difference for others.

Through being mentored by quality people, intentionally investing and developing myself as a person, and engaging in one of the world's best leadership development programs, life has gotten better.

Yes, it's still hard, yes there are still difficulties. But my wife and I are are going strong, I'm back in ministry, and the church and school I serve are doing well.

Over 6 weeks, on either Thursdays or Saturdays, we'll make some key discoveries together that will help you make the most of whatever difficulties you have faced in 2020, transforming your perspective, increasing your capacity, and helping you make a difference in your local community.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

What You Will Learn From This Series:
Discovery #1: The simple key for hope in hard times
God's big picture of bringing life often comes down to one word, so often neglected by us.
We'll discover what it is, and how you can put it into practice in your home, your work, and your

Discovery #2: The role of the wilderness in finding true freedom
You are free.
But it often takes a wilderness journey to discover the full significance of that freedom. Author and Speaker Peter Steicke will speak into wilderness, freedom, and grace
Discovery #3: You can care for yourself while caring for others
You care for others. God also commands you to care for you. With Anna Doecke's s help, we'll discover practical tools for honouring ourselves, honouring God, and honouring those we care for. 
Discovery #4: Lessons from a front-line pastor

Church buildings have been, and still are, closed in many places.
Yet we still follow Jesus.
Pastor Fin Klein will share on following Jesus and bringing change while under pressure from both people and circumstances.
Discovery #5: How you can love, lead, and grow in this time.
Leading is Hard
Loving is Hard
Leading and Loving in Adversity is Harder Still.
Chris Mann will share basic principles of how to love and lead others, regardless of whether or not you have a title.
Discovery #6: How to spot and seize opportunities that God gives you.
God always brings fresh opportunities.
Yet we don't always see them, let alone act on them.
Chris Mann will reveal how to see and respond to what God may be doing in our midst

Your Presenters and Host

Host: Chris Mann
Husband, Father of 4, and Pastor at Mawson Lakes Community Church - a diverse, cross-denominational congregation in the Lutheran Church of Australia, Chris also serves as the Mentoring Pastor at Endeavour College, overseeing the ministry team and contributing to the College Culture and Mission.

Chris is a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer, A Certified DISC Behavioural Analysis Consultant, and member of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network. As Director of Lifelong Leaders, Chris believes that Jesus has asked us to be salt and light, and that true leadership is always servant-based, putting people first, and full of love.
Presenter: Peter Steicke
Pastor, Speaker and Author, Peter Steicke is known for one thing above all others: Sharing the Father’s heart.
Sought after throughout Australia and internationally, COVID-19 has meant that while Peter can't come and join you face to face, he still has a message to share with you, right where you are, today.

Having just released his latest book, Peter will share  on “ The Freedom Journey - Discovering Grace through the wilderness” – which you will receive, absolutely free.

Presenter: Anna Doecke
Counsellor, Certified Brené Brown Daring Way™ Facilitator, Speaker and Trainer, and Director of Journeez, Anna is sought after for her insights and practical tools to help people turn stress and burnout to whole-hearted living.

Anna will help us acknowledge 2020 for what it is, help us learn or re-learn how to care for ourselves, and walk a new path that "loves both our neighbour and ourselves"

Presenter: Fin Klein
Husband, Father, and Pastor at St Michael's Hahndorf, Fin's ability to read the trends heading to Australia through COVID-19, capacity to encourage and grow his ministry teams, and courage to do what is right enabled St Michael's to effectively transition to online services, implement major changes in his congregation, and work through conflicting instruction.

Fin's ability to work through pressure, and stay focused on what Jesus was asking him to do, meant that he was able to stay focused on helping his congregation follow Jesus through this time..

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Multiple Times Available

  • 6 Consecutive Thursdays, 2:00-3:00 ACDT: October 29, November 5, 12, 19 & 26, December 3 SOLD OUT
  • 6 Consecutive Saturdays, 11:00-12:00 ACDT: October 31, November 7, 14, 21 & 28, December 5 REGISTRATIONS CLOSED
  • All Sessions Recorded and Available On Demand: Can't make all sessions? Catch up during the week!
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